CoV in-vitro screening platform
The CoV in-vitro screening platform is represent a novel all-in-one service for new potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 drugs candidates identifying, MOA validation and HTS drug discovery projects.
The CoV in-vitro screening platform is the participant of
BRICS STI Framework Programme with partners from leading international research institutes and startups
We offer a high-quality contract service of detecting and developing novel perspective anti-CoV drugs candidates with flexible business models suitable for both academic laboratories and pharmaceutical companies
You can choose one of the program listed below for your project

Single Compound Test

Up to 10 compounds test in one or several CoV assays:

  • CPE assay
  • Protease (3CL (MPro) and PLpro)
  • RdRp
  • ACE2-Spike S1

HTS Format

Up to 5000 cmpds/day in HTS format:

  • 1,6 M cmpds in stock
  • in-vitro HTS platform
  • in-vivo Hits validation

Hit-to-Lead project

From HTS to 1-3 Lead candidate series:

  • in-vitro and in-vivo HTS platforms
  • ADME in-vitro panel
  • MedChem optimisation
  • Lead series (scaffolds) validation
Who we are?
ChemRar Group unites R&D service and startups companies in the field of innovative pharmaceuticals for the development and commercialization of novel medicines, diagnostics, preventive care and new treatments of life-threatening diseases.
Our global partners have a pharmacologically-relevant commercial collection of over 1,600,000 individually crafted compounds (including 13 000 compounds in SARS-CoV-2 Library).

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